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Thursday, August 4, 2011

behind those smile ..

its been 4 days of fasting and everythink seems to be normal but a little weak .
wat i'm feelin ryte now or infact for the past few days is angry , sad , mad , not happy all the negative feelings..i'm so angry with some of my friends bcoz of their attitude . GIRL PLS TKE CARE OF UR MOUTH . WATCH WAT U ARE SAYIN . COZ PPL HAV FEELINGS TO !
hmm abt "him" dunt wish to talk abt coz it seems like ppl tryin to get his attention wen his with me or wen i'm looking at him . who's the ppl ? dunt wish to describe coz it may cause a fight !
i may be smiling outside , but no one knws wat i felt in the inside..

Sunday, July 31, 2011


hi (=
soooo.. prelims is arnd the corner . freakin nervous ! and D&T is sooo irritating . everyday stay back and i'm trying to finish my presentation board asap , coz i've been focusing on d&t moree den other subs.. tsk ! submission is arnd the corner ... i'm sooo stresss .
ok byeeee (=

Thursday, July 28, 2011

i love u ?

i love u ? yes i do ?
hmm.. its great to hear dat some of ur fren says dat u guys suits together when they themselves dont even knw i like the guy they are referring to (= but to bad for me bcoz , he , himself doesnt realise it )= i really like him bcoz he is alim (he can teach me religious stuff) he is soo gentlemen . as tymes past , he care for ppl feelings.. he is just so sweet . i like it when he sings religious songs or doa ..sooo merduu... i really hope one day he will realise that he is the guy dat i like all this while before we graduate ..
bye <3

Sunday, July 24, 2011


hey !
so dat pic on top shows on the 21/7 which is racial harmony & MY BIRTHDAY (=
so happy birthday to me and happy racial harmony day to all (=
soo.... i enjoy the surprise that my friends made specially for me . who are my friends ?
eeqah azmi , husna marina , farah , ida , ziqah fifi and airah . i appriciate it alot . airah is sick on dat day , but she still drag herself to the party . thanks beb ! and thanks all for everythink <3
oh!oh! not forgetting my family and my aunty and uncle and cousin for the birthday celebration at home ! soo sweet ! and i like the food and present !

hmm.. i bet its been so long since i updated abt "him" rytee..
as times past , i begin to like him more and i feel like we are getting closer each day . but tetap kurangs at tymess (= but still he is soo cute ... aww i'm melting ! i really hope one day , we will be together .. i dunnoe if this wish or hope will come true or not . i dunt wan to tell him coz i want our friendship to last . i'm afraid dat our friendship will end if he get to knw dat i like him ... hmmm lets juz wait and see ?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

hi !
so dat picture was taken during my cousin wedding (=
( the day when i feel so arab ! ) lol .
ok sooooo....
life has been all about d&t . i've juz wasted my two weeks holidays in school doin d&t . tsk !
but nvm , sacrifice now enjoy later righttt...
hey mr. , i'm falling for u ♥ i love looking at ur face (= u are soo cute in every way .

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